We work to demonstrate the power and promise of Recovery from addiction to alcohol and other drugs, and the value Recovery provides to individuals, families, and entire communities throughout New York State.

Faces of RecoveryWe offer guidance and support to assist communities in building a solid foundation for Recovery at the local level. That guidance and support comes in many forms.

Sometimes it means we’re organizing a community listening forum on Long Island. Sometimes it means we’re engaging people to talk about their Recovery during a training in Rochester. It could mean we’re conducting statewide research or publishing our findings.

While it COULD mean any number of things, the one thing it ALWAYS means is that we’re mobilizing a powerful force from Bridgehampton to Buffalo and everywhere in between. And, together, with the support of countless recovery advocates in towns large and small, we’re making a difference!

We’re continually inspired by the hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers living meaningful lives in long-term Recovery. And, equally inspired by their dedicated friends and family members!

We’re also continually reminded that while anyone can recover from addiction, not everyone does. We honor those lost and their loved ones left behind by working to ensure that prevention, treatment and recovery are accessible to all!

Our History

Friends of Recovery РNew York was founded in 2008 when Recovery advocates from different corners of the state met to discuss the need for an organization that would advocate for the Recovery community throughout New York. Initially conceived to oversee Recovery centers across the state, the group ultimately agreed to expand its focus to advocacy and education.  Before long, the core group began meeting with policymakers and various other government representatives including the NYS Office of Alcoholism & Substance Abuse Services (OASAS) to raise awareness about the power and promise of Recovery and effect positive change.

Flash forward to 2015 when FOR-NY received a 5-year grant from OASAS enabling the Board to hire a full-time CEO and staff charged with advancing the group’s mission to organize greater support for Recovery in communities throughout New York.

Loved Ones and AddictionToday, we’re working to raise awareness about the fact that Recovery is both achievable and sustainable; and that supporting Recovery delivers tremendous value not only to individuals and their families, but to entire communities as well.

We stand with the modern Recovery movement and its efforts to erase the shame and stigma that prevent so many from seeking the help they need.

We envision a world in which Recovery is a celebrated reality in society; a world in which every person in need has access to the entire spectrum of recovery-focused services, and people in recovery are free to pursue a meaningful life.

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