FOR-NY launched its second annual survey — Life in Recovery, the results of which will help to identify current needs, strengths, and gaps in addiction and recovery services and supports for individuals and families in (or seeking) recovery.  The survey concluded on November 17 with nearly 800 submissions!  Thank you to all who participated!

Because the collective input of individuals from throughout the state will be critically important to building momentum for the recovery movement in New York, we asked that all New Yorkers living in recovery from addiction to alcohol and other drugs, family members impacted by addiction, and professionals working in the addiction / recovery fields take a few minutes (5-10 minutes on average) to complete and submit the survey.   Your feedback will allow us to better understand what recovery resources are most needed in our communities.  As we know, sustained recovery requires ongoing support from individuals, families and communities.  The results compiled from all responses will help us make recommendations to decision makers about what recovery resources are currently available in our communities and what resources need to be added.

Stay tuned for a report compiling the survey results and highlighting the identified recovery resource needs throughout the state.

How your participation will make a difference:

  • Strength in Numbers! Just by filling out the survey, you have helped to show our strength in numbers, as well the diversity of our movement; thus demonstrating that recovery spans a wide and beautiful spectrum. Together, we will show policymakers that we come from all corners of the state—rural, urban, and suburban—and we represent all cultures and communities.  This will help policymakers understand that we are their constituents and we matter!
  • Recovery is Possible! We know that recovery is attainable, sustainable and powerful. We also know that it is the solution to the public health crisis of addiction.  We wish to share some of its benefits with policymakers and the community at large.  Whether a survey respondent has been in recovery for 6 months, 30 years or longer, recovery in New York is real and it’s growing!
  • Community Resources! The survey’s primary purpose is to let our policymakers know which resources are strong in our communities and which additional resources are needed, but lacking.  The survey looks at multiple pathways to (and of) recovery,  education and employment assistance, mental health services, and more.  This is our chance to show policymakers which resources are helping build and maintain recovery.
  • Sharing Our Voices! Finally, the end of the survey allows for individuals to cite the resources that have been most helpful in their own recovery processes.  This is a chance to share specifics about what has worked and what is needed to help individuals adopt and embrace healthier lifestyles, support families, and build stronger communities.  Thank you so much to those who took this opportunity to share your experience so we can better assist our policymakers in supporting a solution to the public health crisis of addiction — recovery!

We appreciate you taking the time to complete the 2017 FOR-NY Recovery Resource Survey.  Our collective knowledge and lived experiences matter!  Please don’t hesitate to contact our Policy Director, Allison Weingarten with any questions.

To review the results of FOR-NY’s Recovery Needs Survey (2016), click here.