A Recovery Coach can be a valuable asset to someone in recovery or working toward recovery from addiction.

According to Recovery Coaching International, “Recovery Coaching is an ongoing relationship that helps folks who are in or who are considering recovery from addiction to produce extraordinary results in their lives, careers, businesses or organizations – while advancing their recovery from addiction.

Recovery Coaches:

  • Recovery Coaching
    John Cassidy at the FOR-NY Recovery Coach Supervision Training in Albany, New York – May 2016

    Help to initiate and sustain an individual/family in their recovery from substance use disorder or addiction

  • Help to develop a recovery plan
  • Promote recovery by removing barriers and obstacles
  • Assist a client seeking (or new to) recovery find a wide variety of services and support including harm reduction, detox, treatment, family support and education, local or online support groups; or help a client create a change plan to assist them in recovering on their own.
  • Help individuals find ways to stop using (abstinence) or reduce harm associated with addictive behaviors
  • Are NON-clinical
  • Do NOT diagnose (or offer primary treatment for) addiction
  • Are NOT associated with any particular method or means of recovery

We became the coordinating body for Recovery Coach training in New York State in 2011. Since that time, we’ve been conducting Recovery Coach training throughout the state. We actively engage in discussions regarding plans for future trainings, building a framework for supervision and certification of recovery coaches, and taking responsibility and authority for coordinating recovery coach trainings throughout the state.

Recovery Coaching
Recovery Coach Chris DeTora at Recovery Coach Supervision Training

Recovery Coaching
Recovery Coach Supervision Training – Albany, New York – May 2016

Interested in becoming a Recovery Coach?

Sign up for the Recovery Coach Academy Training, a five-day intensive training academy focused on providing you with the skills you’ll need to guide, mentor and support anyone who wants to achieve or sustain recovery from addiction to alcohol or other drugs. Trainings are held throughout the state throughout the year.

According to The New York State Office of Alcoholism & Substance Abuse Services (NYS OASAS), Recovery Coaching is “a form of strengths-based support for persons in or seeking recovery from alcohol and other drugs and other addictions. Similar to life and business coaching, it’s a type of partnership where the person in or seeking recovery directs their own recovery while the recovery coach provides expertise in supporting positive change. Recovery Coaching focuses on achieving any goals important to the “recoveree.” Coaches offer suggestions to assist the individual/family member to begin to take the lead in addressing their recovery needs. Recovery Coaching focuses on honoring values and making principle-based decisions, creating a clear plan of action, and using current strengths to reach goals. The coach serves as an accountability partner to help the person sustain their recovery. The Coach helps the person access recovery, as well as the systems needed to support recovery such as benefit packages, healthcare, etc.”