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Recovery Community Organizations

We know that when the Recovery community comes together we make an incredible impact — improving the lives of individuals, whole families and in fact, entire communities. To that end, as the New York State Recovery Community Organization, FOR-NY is working with existing RCOs, connecting them with others throughout New York, and helping to create still others in counties where none yet exist.

Many of us have carried a message of hope on a one-to-one basis; this new recovery movement calls upon us to carry that message of hope to whole communities and the whole culture. It is time we stepped forward to shape this history with our stories, our time and our talents. William L. White

Recovery Community Organizations are independent, non-profit organizations, led and governed by people in recovery, their family members, friends and other allies. While each RCO has its own mission statement that reflects the particular issues, concerns and needs of its own community, all focus on the following:

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  • Public Education – Putting a face and a voice on Recovery
  • Advocacy – Good policy requires writing, acting and speaking out in support of Recovery
  • Peer-based and other community-based Recovery support services

RCOs are usually started by those in personal or family Recovery in response to unmet needs in the community. Most often, local RCOs develop and operate as an all volunteer service and advocacy organization before they have funding or staff to support the organization’s programs and activities. Interested in starting one in your community? You’ll find all you need to know in our RCO Toolkit.

Learn How To Start an RCO

Check out our Recovery Community Organization Toolkit.

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Find out if there’s already an RCO in your county. Find a Local RCO.