Interested in learning more about recovery — the movement, it’s history, evolving language, research, and recovery resources for families? You’ve come to the right place!

The Modern Recovery Movement

The founding of Alcoholics Anonymous marks the beginning of what has come to be called the Modern Recovery Movement; a movement that has made (and continues to make) recovery from addiction to alcohol and other drugs both attainable and sustainable for millions of individuals and their loved ones. While we continue to create more recovery support services across the state and eliminate the shame and stigma that continue to keep so many from seeking help, we can never forget the efforts of those whose shoulders we stand upon — those who spoke out for us long ago. Learn more about the people and events that brought us to where we stand today and join us as we aspire to achieve their beautiful vision.

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History of Prevention, Treatment & Recovery in New York

Our written history of prevention, treatment and recovery in New York State dates back to 1777 when Dr. Benjamin Rush, Physician General of the Continental Army, sent a written directive to all soldiers condemning the use of distilled spirits in response to increasing reports of drunkenness among the troops. The history is fascinating and demonstrates that although we have a long way to go, we’ve come so far! The timeline covers significant milestones that occurred here in New York State from Dr. Rush’s 1777 directive all the way to current day.

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The Language of Addiction & Recovery

As the science and research surrounding addiction and recovery evolves, so too has the language we use to talk about them. Adopting recovery-focused language can change the way our lawmakers (and society as a whole) perceive the disease of addiction. The right language can increase understanding of addiction and recovery, and make recovery both attractive and attainable.

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Stories of Recovery

Personal stories of recovery have been shown to inspire individuals and family members who often identify with the experiences of others who struggle with addiction. A significant feature of 12-step programs since the beginning,  recovery stories are now being shared more widely on the web, in memoirs, at recovery rallies, etc. This wider accessibility increases the chances they’ll reach those who need to hear them most. Read some of the stories shared by some terrific friends of recovery from throughout New York State, and while you’re there, find out how to submit your own story.

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Family to Family Resource Guide

We know that substance use disorders can have a devastating impact on the families and other loved ones of individual in active addiction. Sadly, for too long, family members were at a loss for where to seek guidance or support. In response, FOR-NY developed a robust Family to Family Resource Guide to help loved ones identify and access critical resources that can assist in helping both their loved ones and themselves.

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Resources for Recovery Organizations – Coming soon


Recovery Research

Decades of research have resulted in greater knowledge of the disease, new and better treatment methods, and a growing understanding of the services and supports needed to sustain long-term recovery. Read a variety of recent studies conducted by some of the best-known recovery scientists and researchers today.

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